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Conclusion of SIP University of Hyderabad Spring Semester programme

Continuing Nordic Centre in India's more than decade and a half long #partnership with #InstituteofEminence University of Hyderabad, we are happy to post an update about the now concluded #NCISpringSemester 2023 programme! Our students from #ncimemberuniversity OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University and University of Bergen took part in the semester programme with courses at the Faculty of Social Sciences and language class (#Hindi). Students actively participated and engaged in academic discourse, cultural activities and sports with their Indian classmates and other international students at the campus. 

They talked about their enriching experiences in all aspects: academic, culture and personal interactions with the campus students. 

In some of their words:
'My stay in India has been a memorable experience. I have gotten to know people from all over the world which has giving me new friends, experience’s, perspectives and ofc a lot of knew knowledge about different cultures, people, language etc❤ I would recommend being a student at HCU, because it a university with a lot of opportunities like sports, hiking, cultural events etc. I am very thankful for the experience and semester with SIP in India and would recommend it to other students!'

'I am very thankful for my experience studying in Hyderabad, with the SIP program. I have gotten to meet and get to know international students from all around the world, as well as Indian students from all over the country. It has been a super way to learn about various cultures, languages, dances, music, food, and norms. I feel lucky to say that I have made experiences and friends for life ❣'

Christabel Royan Ilika Jimo Professor Alok Kumar Mishra Chetan Srivastava

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