Nordic India Research

To encourage research exchange and cooperation between the Nordic countries and India, NCI facilitates and supports a wide range of research activities in India and the Nordic countries.

NCI provides:

  • Advice with regards to institutional and research collaboration, both in early and advanced stages
  • Help with research affiliations and visits at Indian universities and institutes

  • Assistance when establishing cooperation between Nordic and Indian universities
  • Help with formalisation of agreements between Nordic and Indian institutions
  • Practical assistance with visa applications for researchers from all disciplines at the member universities

NCI organizes:

  • Meetings and events to promote Indian research in the Nordic countries and Nordic research in India

  • Lectures by Nordic scholars in India and Indian scholars in the Nordic countries

  • Workshops and seminars on various themes related to studies and research on India and South Asia

Research on India

Nordic universities and research institutes have a strong interest in India. Nordic research on and in India includes a vast array of fields, including health, pharmacy, technology, social sciences and humanities.

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