Inaugural of the NCI-ISEC summer programme - Approaching the Environment in India

The inaugural ceremony of the ISEC-NCI summer programme, 'Approaching the Environment in India: Issues in Nature-Society-Economy interface' was held on the 27th of June, 2016 at ISEC. The ten course participants from NCI member universities witnessed a typical inaugural with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp followed by a welcome address and inaugural address by senior ISEC functionaries including the Chairperson of ISEC, Dr. A Ravindra, the present Director of ISEC, Prof. M G Chandrakanth, the former Director of ISEC, Prof. R S Deshpande, Honorary Visiting Professor and founder of ISEC's Ecological Economics Unit, Prof. M V Nadkarni. Others included the course coordinator and Head of the Centre for Ecological Economics and Natural Resources, Prof. Sunil Nautiyal, CEENR faculty member, Dr. M Balasubramanian, CEENR's Ms Akila and NCI representative Christabel Royan.

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