NCI Semester Programme at Management Development Institute, Gurgaon India –Apply Now!

NCI in collaboration with MDI offers the opportunity for students from NCI member universities to apply for Semester Programme in Business and Management Studies at MDI in India. The aim of the NCI Semester programme at MDI is to make it possible for students to pursue sound academic knowledge of Business and Management Studies in India as well as gain experiences of the academic culture and living in India. Students are expected to follow a fulltime academic program of either minimum 12 Credits (20 ECTS) or maximum 18 credits (30 ECTS). Terms available for NCI students at MDI are: Third (January- March), Fourth (Mid June – Mid Sept.), Fifth (Mid Sept. – Mid Dec.) Students from different academic backgrounds are eligible to apply for the Semester Programme. Detailed information about the Semester Programme at MDI can be found at NCI’s website: Note: Students from NCI members can still apply for this year’s fall term (Mid. Sept-Mid Dec). The deadline for applying is end of May!

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