The academic director of INLANSO visits NCI office, 25th March 2015

On 25 March 2015, Professor Dipak Malik and Dr. Miriya Malik visited our Delhi office. Professor Dipak Malik and Dr. Miriya Malik (previously known as Mirja Juntunen) run the Centre for the Study of Indian Languages and Society (INLANSO) in Varanasi. Since 2012 INLANSO organizes qualified tailor-made Hindi Study Programmes for European students. A number of Nordic universities have signed agreements with the centre, among them Uppsala, Oslo, and Aarhus, to send students to Varanasi for periods from a few weeks up to four months. The unique concept of INLANSO is to combine the classroom knowledge with outdoor practice, paying special attention to Varanasi’s multi religious, multicultural and multiethnic anatomy. Professor Dipak Malik and Dr. Miriya Malik informed Dr. Samrat S. Kumar about the exciting development of INLANSO that started as a follow-up venture building on experiences from a Hindi studies programme previously offered by the Nordic Centre in India (NCI) in collaboration with the Gandhian Institute of Studies in Varanasi. Now INLANSO is in a phase of expansion, with setting up language training centres for European students also elsewhere in India. Tamil will be taught in Puducherry in the south of India, Urdu in Lucknow and Nepali in Kathmandu.

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