NCI 4 Weeks Hindi Summer Course in New Delhi !

July 17-August 11 2017

The Nordic Centre in India (NCI) offers the opportunity for Nordic students to attend a 4 weeks non-credited Hindi summer course in New Delhi in 2017. The course is organized in cooperation with the Zabaan Language Institute.

Course Details

Level: Upper Basic

Duration: 60 Hours (4 weeks, Mo-Fr)
In this course students will:

Review the constructions they have already covered using oral drills and conversation practice.

Cover the remaining grammatical constructions.

Start reading short paragraphs and listening to short audios/videos to work on reading and listening comprehension.

Participate in class activities (like simon says, scavenger hunt etc.) and mock drills that are designed to increase their engagement with Hindi at many levels.

Level: Lower Intermediate

Duration: 60 Hours (4 weeks, Mo-Fr)
This course is meant for students who have covered most of the constructions in Hindi grammar. During the course they will work on:

Reviewing verbal conjugation, relative-correlative constructions and participles in Hindi.

Practicing conversations in different situations like hiring a rickshaw or taxi, ordering in a restaurant, shopping and visiting places of historical or religious interest.

Reading children's short stories in Hindi.

Listening to or watching audio-visual content to further their listening comprehension skills

Level: Upper Intermediate

Duration: 60 Hours (4 weeks, Mo-Fr)
This course is designed for students who have complete the grammar of Hindi and are comfortable with most of the constructions. The focus in this course is on an all round development of reading, speaking, listening and writing skills. The students will also be introduced to adult literature in Hindi using short stories and will be encouraged to participate in class discussions that would be entirely in Hindi.

Level: Advanced Hindi

Duration: 60 Hours (4 weeks, Mo-Fr)
This course is suitable for students who are fairly comfortable in speaking Hindi in day to day situations but need help in enhancing their vocabulary for specialised topics of interest to them and would like to engage more with the language by reading and watching audio-visual content in Hindi. The classes would be entirely in Hindi and English would be used only to translate new words and idioms.


The classes will be conducted at the Zabaan Centre in Kailash Colony, New Delhi. The classes, three - four hours per day, Monday to Friday, will be delivered as follows:
Sessions One:  9:15 am to 10:45 am
Session Two: 11 am to 12:30 pm
Lunch: 1 pm to 2 pm


Instruction Cost

The fee for a group of three or more students is INR 500 per student per hour: for 60 hours: INR 30.000 
For a group of two students: INR 760 per student per hour: 60 hours: INR 45.600
Private instruction is chargeable at INR 1,380 per hour for students: for 60 hours INR 82.800

Cancellation Costs.

The group instruction fee is non-refundable in case any students should miss a scheduled class.

For changing the day or time of any class 48 hours of notice would be required.

Miscellaneous Costs

Textbook and materials: INR 1,800 per student

Administration fee: INR 5,000 per student excluding service tax


Fifteen to twenty hours of each course would be spent in excursions during which students will go out and interact with native speakers and practice speaking in Hindi.


The cost for excursions is included in the administration fee.



Zabaan Language Institute can arrange home-stays for students near their centre with Hindi speaking families who will be asked to encourage the students to speak in Hindi with them. The cost of accommodation would depend on the tier you choose.

Economy: In this tier the accommodation is arranged in relatively cheaper neighborhoods around Kailash Colony, like Lajpat Nagar, East of Kailash, and Kalkaji. The cost will be INR 1,500 per person per night for long-term stay inclusive of breakfast. Lunch and dinner would be provided at an additional charge of INR 250 per meal.

Premium: In this tier, the home stay will be in a posh neighborhood in South Delhi like GK-1, Kailash Colony, and Defence Colony. The cost would be INR 3,000 per person per night which will include breakfast. Lunch and dinner would be provided at an additional charge of INR 300 per meal.

There is also the possibility to stay at nearby guesthouses or Bed & Breakfasts. The costs would be approx. INR 2,500 per night including breakfast.
Lunch at Zabaan

Students have the possibility to take lunch (Indian vegetarian made of organic produce) at the Zabaan centre at the cost of INR 200 per plate excluding tax. The menu is fixed, however, the kitchen staff would welcome any suggestions or feedback the students may have.

Dietary restrictions: As mentioned above, the food is vegetarian, and vegan diet can be easily incorporated. For other dietary restrictions, student(s) need to provide a list of food items and dishes the student can eat and that would be prepared and provided during lunch.

About the Zabaan Language Institute

Zabaan is an independent language institute in New Delhi that offers language training at all proficiency levels (  Zabaan takes an adaptive approach to teaching that takes into account each students interests, learning style, and language learning goals.
It is conveniently located in a pleasant area of South Delhi, F-12/A Kailash Colony, easily reached by road or metro. There are eight teaching rooms that are light, air conditioned and well furnished to make an environment conducive to language study. Books and reference materials are available on-site for purchase.


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